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Life on Canvas

Mixed-media artist Camryn Gipe speaks on her motivations, inspirations, and process as the Western Washington University student carves out her niche in the art world.

Filmed, Directed & Edited by: Ryan Scott

Lukrembo – Rose
Lukrembo – Onion

Additional Images Courtesy of: Camryn Gipe, Anthony David Gipe

Made in Vietnam

Filmed, Directed & Edited by: Ryan Scott

Featuring: Nhi Ngo

From Soil to Spoon

This film takes viewers on a journey through Whatcom and Skagit Counties, highlighting three local farms Steensma Creamery, Sauk Farms and Marie’s Bees. From the sustainable practices and commitment to community, this video showcases the remarkable stories and impactful contributions of these farms to the region’s agricultural richness.

Directed by: Ryan Scott
Editing: Ryan Scott, Desiree Erdman
A Camera Operator: Desiree Erdman
B Camera Operator: Ryan Scott
Production Coordinator: Sam Kristofferson

Bellingham Rally for Roe

On the evening of Tuesday, May 3, hundreds of protestors gathered around the Whatcom County courthouse to advocate for abortion rights. Reporter Bella Neff takes to the streets to speak with protesters about their feelings on the United States Supreme Court draft opinion released to the public via Politico, which affirms support to overturn the landmark case, Roe v. Wade.

Filmed, Directed & Edited by: Ryan Scott

Interviews by: Bella Neff